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Experiential Arab-Armenian Fusion Concept Opens

Just opened on Bluewaters Island, the vibrant and upscale restaurant brings a bold fusion of

Contemporary Arabic and Armenian cuisine to Dubai's dining scene. Set to be a nirvana for foodies

and experiential aficionados, VAGA also offers distinct interiors and views of Ain Dubai and the Dubai

Marina Skyline, making it the perfect location for adventurous souls looking to discover new


The menu was crafted by Chef Sufyan Al Kebata, formerly at the helm of Ninive, La Cantine, and

Twiggy, fuses the two cuisines in a thought-provoking way. Highlights of the menu include beef

ravioli deliciously with mint, yoghurt, tomato sauce, and chilli called Manti, delicious grilled meat

Khorovats and more. On the drinks menu, one can enjoy a special selection of Armenia-themed

cocktails created by award-winning Armenian mixologist and creative mastermind, Agassi

Serobyan, alongside mocktails options. Shisha smokers will also have reason to celebrate as VAGA will also be the only venue in the new wing of Bluewaters Mall to serve Shisha.

All in all, this is an intriguing new spot that is definitely on our “must-try” list.


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