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Exclusive Dining Experience at Row on 45

Row on 45

If you haven’t visited Row on 45 you are missing out, it truly is a culinary masterpiece. We have the perfect reason to book a table (of which there are only 22!) with the introduction of the new exclusive menu which blends incredible flavours with mouth-watering ingredients. 

The 17-course haute cuisine menu is a true culinary journey through a world of flavours you won’t forget. Each dish provides a personal touch from many talented chefs including Thomas Keller’s Oysters and Pearls and Atherton’s Takoyaki of Singapore Chilli Brown Crab. 

The dinner unfolds in three acts making it a true experience like no other. Act I: ‘The Finest Welcome’ begins in the Champagne Lounge where you can savour appetisers before transitioning to the main dining room for Act II: ‘The Pinnacle’, featuring a state-of-the-art show kitchen where the talented chefs craft each dish with precision. The final act, Act III: ‘The Grand Finale’ takes place in the Chef’s Library for classic British and Japanese desserts. The concluding 17th course is a surprise, adding an element of anticipation.

For reservations and information, please email or call/WhatsApp +971 56 832 4545.

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