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Escaping The Heat With The Kids This Summer

Summer has officially arrived, so we are here to share the best places to escape the heat with your kids. Inside and with AC is the way forward now. Promise they aren't all soft plays!

Adventure Park

Located at Dubai Hills mall they have activities suitable from the height of 90cm. With a range of passes for the different activities, there is something for them all. Top tip - get there early and you are likely to be one of the only people there!


It has four Live experiences, a food court with six cuisine options for all ages. A great place to keep children and adults happy with something to eat and do for everyone including the super fun 'Mystic Golf' which is the glow-in-the-dark golf experience!

Green Planet

Bat caves, roaming sloths, birds and every fish you can imagine. Green Planet will always be a firm fave! It can be a calming but educational experience for all ages and is the good way to whittle away a couple of hours. Book your tickets in advance to get the best price.

Adventure Parx

This adventure play place situated in Jumeirah is perfect for all the family. There is a softly for the smaller ones and a climbing adventure section for the older ones. The adults are also covered with an onsite cafe with a full view of all the play places so you can sit and have coffee while they run off some energy.

Dig It

Located in Springs Souq, this indoor play space can make for a great morning or afternoon out. You can play and follow it up with some food at one of the many restaurants located within the Souq, Lime Tree Café is top of our list. Make a day of it with a cinema trip too!

Orange Wheels

Targeted towards younger children, a small soft play area perfect for those little feet and the chance to play shop or hairdresser in their role play areas.


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