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Dubai Menopause Coach Launches Meal Plan Service

Dubai Menopause Coach Launches Meal Plan Service

Dubai Menopause Coach, Sharon James, has launched Mindful Meals, a healthy meal plan service designed to help people transform their lifestyles through better nutrition. Backed by a 30-year career in the health and fitness industry, Sharon co-founded the business in partnership with Varsha Tharanath, a trained software architect who now owns Village Hangout Café in Jumeirah Village Circle.

After meeting at their community gym, Sharon and Varsha soon discovered a shared passion for nutrition and wellness. They spent several months brainstorming and planning before launching their personalised meal plans, which cater to men and women with a wide range of dietary needs and fitness objectives.

Unlike many brands, Mindful Meals’ main aim isn’t to retain customers indefinitely. It is on a mission to demonstrate the positive impact of simple, nutritious dishes and educate people about how to build better habits and make their own healthier food.

The Mindful Meals plans are available on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or custom basis. The company also supports corporates with specific solutions for their staff, driven by the knowledge that diet impacts the entire body, especially the brain, helping to improve cognitive function, accelerate performance, and increase productivity throughout the day. The team also aligns nutritional meals with different themes for meetings to create a dynamic and engaging well-being experience in the office, promoting productivity and health.

For more information visit Mindful Meals.

Dubai Menopause Coach Launches Meal Plan Service


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