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Did Somebody Say ‘Sequin Season’?

How to wear sequins without looking like a Christmas tree!

It’s November, the festive Christmas party season is upon us and the countdown has begun to December 25th and December 31st. It’s time to dust off those sequin’s ladies from the back of the wardrobe and shine them up quicker than you can download that Kira Kira app all over again as sequins and the festive season go hand in hand.

I do appreciate that sequins are not everyone’s vibe – in fact not everyone likes those little sparkly discs that creep onto the radar with a vengeance this time of year...every year. They are a bold fashion statement but if you nail that sequin outfit, I guarantee you’ll be the sparkle (and life) of the party. Personally, I’m a sequin girl and proudly wear the loudest and sparkliest sequins I can find. In fact, I don’t even wait until official ‘sequin season’. I have no qualms about wearing them on a beach on my summer hols – why not I say, life is too short not to have (and wear) some sparkle in your life.

I’m all for breaking fashion rules – in my world…sequins are not just for Christmas – they’re an all year round vibe – day and night. That black sequin dress you’ve been dying to wear for the festive season at your work Christmas party, can totally be worn during the day with a pair of chunky black boots. It’s all about mixing and matching the right combination. Think of it like mixing designer pieces with high-street picks.

On that note – lets delve into the best way to incorporate sequins into your wardrobe…day and night, without looking like a Christmas tree (not that that’s a bad look!).

Tone it down:

Adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit, be it a sequinned blazer, top or bottoms can be toned down by pairing said items with a pair of jeans, t-shirt or white shirt. Adding a casual element tones down the sparkle effect but still oozes a sophisticated, put-together glam vibe.


Accessories complete an outfit. If full-on sparkle is not your thing, why not add a sequinned bag, pair of shoes, headband or belt to your outfit. Incorporating sequinned accessories gives you that element of sparkle without being flamboyant.

Sequin Skirts

Sequin skirts are probably my favourite sparkly piece of clothing. I like to team a glitzy skirt with a pair of trainers and a chunky knit or t-shirt plus the same look can take you from day to night by donning a pair of heels. Teaming a sequinned skirt in particular with a cosy knit gives off a casual, yet really cool eclectic outfit that never looks old.


I often talk about how layering is such a great way to elevate and finish off an outfit. When it comes to wearing sequins, it can also help tone down a full-on glam sparkly look. Sequinned dresses can be taken from night to day by wearing a tee, white fitted shirt or polo neck underneath. Team this look with chunky boots or trainers and a fab daytime look has been unearthed. Another cool way of layering sequins to tone them down – is to wear your sequinned glam dress over a pair of jeans.

Don’t double-up

The key to wearing sequins without over-doing it is to keep your accessories muted. If your outfit consists of a sequinned matching co-ord or glam party dress – keep your shoes and bag simple. Let the sequins on the clothes do the talking here and don’t let your accessories out-shine them.

Remember, sequins are a statement and look good on everyone. They’re a bold look but they also never date. I personally have sequinned pieces in my wardrobe, which I’ve had for years and wear them over and over again. I never get tired of them. One tip I always share, as a fashion stylist is to invest in sequins. Buy good quality pieces that are made to last and a great time to buy them in particular is during the January sales when retailers slash prices to try sell off stock.

“We don’t wear sequins because we think we’re great. We wear them because we think sequins are great”. - Gram Parsons -


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