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Delivering Magnolia Bakery Direct To Your Door

With Magnolia Bakery desserts, people have been celebrating and commiserating around the world since 1996. You can't go wrong with Magnolia Bakery treats, from the classic cupcakes to the 'to die for' banana pudding. Introducing Magnolia Bakery's brand new direct delivery service, which brings your little slice of heaven straight to your door faster (and cheaper!) than ever.

Introducing their branded fleet of vans and mopeds, cake heaven is only a phone call away with 800-MAGNOLIA!

Order Magnolia Bakery's freshly baked desserts, including cupcakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies, and banana pudding, to be delivered to your location at no additional charge. On any occasion Magnolia Bakery has your cupcake covered. The new Magnolia experience is convenient, fast, and fresh, and it can be delivered to any location in the UAE.

Order via 800 Magnolia or WhatsApp on 052 1000 430 and follow: @magnoliabakeryuae


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