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Conscious Finance Coaching

Carol is a Personal & Business Finance Coach & Mentor, and the owner of Conscious Finance Coaching. She offers some really great coaching sessions where you can discuss the essentials of personal finance and how to approach money in a values-driven way that supports you to live a more fulfilled life.

After the session, participants will:

  • Know the essential elements of personal finance

  • Have practical steps to get started on a positive financial path

  • Feel more empowered about what you can do with your money and how you can use it to live a more fulfilled and values-driven life

  • Feel hopeful and excited as you discover a positive way forward towards abundance regardless of your current financial situation

  • Receive a Financial Wellness Checklist so you can understand your progress

  • And so much more!

The upcoming sessions will run on the following dates:

27th April 2022: 8:00 pm

28th April 2022 10:00 am

3rd May 2022 8:00 pm

4th May 2022 10:00 am


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