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Calm Little Minds Set To Grow Your Little One's Minds

Calm Little Minds will launch tomorrow in the UAE. The mental health boxes are for families and children to learn more about topics like mindfulness, growth mindset, gratitude, stress etc. Each box will contain activities specially designed on the topic of the box aimed at children but parents as well.

Each activity will provide the stepping stone for families to discuss these topics and learn how to apply them in their everyday lives. Additionally, in each box, you will receive a booklet specifically for parents to learn more about each topic, how it affects their children and how they can support their kids and themselves too.

All the boxes have been designed by the founder Dina Dimitriou after working for many years as a research psychologist and a mental health practitioner working primarily with parents and children.

In this box you will find:

• Three fun activities for children to understand growth mindset

• Our growth mindset coloring pages

• Growth mindset stickers and magnets

• A comprehensive yet easy to read booklet explaining growth mindset for parents

• A set of affirmation cards for parents

• Two growth mindset posters for children and parents

• Two growth mindset posters for children and parents

To find out more visit:

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