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Breath Work As A Tool To Stay Healthy

breath work

Everyone breathes. But only a few of us ever think about how good we breathe. How deep we breathe. Do we actually breathe right? Your breathing is a barometer of your internal state of being. Breathing can be your ultimate tool and first aid. Proper breathing can help you on a stressed day and create a safe atmosphere for your body, it nourishes the cells with oxygen. Anatomically correct breathing can prevent thousands of chronic diseases, correct posture, help reduce weight, support the nervous system and as a result, increase your lifespan. Whereas incorrect breathing brings most of the nervous breakdowns, gut issues, irregular cravings, asthma, organ drops, heart problems, etc. The good news is the breathing pattern can be changed. Let's have a look at the way we breathe. When we inhale, our belly is IN or OUT?

Have a deep breath and check it again. If your belly is IN when you inhale, then you definitely have the wrong breathing cycle.

By the time you finish reading this article, you can already have better breathing. But, most probably you will need another couple of weeks to help yourself correct your breath cycle.

The best way is to have your BELLY BREATHING on a daily basis for 5 minutes every day. I would suggest placing something light, like a small book, on top of the belly, so you can have full control of how you breathe: inhale -belly is OUT, exhale belly is IN. And, this can be your first step to a healthier life. The second step will be: checking how deep your INHALE and EXHALE are. Shortening your inhale and exhale also brings a lot of trouble to your body, mind and spirit. That's where Breathing Guided Meditation can help. By listening and focusing on the breath, we allow ourselves to feel its depth. Regularity of this practice can significantly improve your breathing cycle as well. By becoming aware and mindful of our breathing, we can allow its flow to return to its natural and full depth. Allowing, rather than controlling. As the breath naturally deepens and softens with mindfulness, the nervous system rebalances, the heart rate drops, the blood pressure lowers and your body and mind are calm. In yoga, inhalation is described as creating rising energy, which is referred to as Prana and is responsible for growth and renewal. On the exhalation Apana is created, downward-flowing energy, which is responsible for rooting, grounding and elimination. The opposite energies that we find in the breath create balance and can be found everywhere in nature: summer and winter, day and night, movement and stillness. 'Life is in the breath. He who half-breathes, half-lives." - Ancient Proverb

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