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Best Face Mists To Hydrate Your Skin

woman spraying mist

If you’ve not got into the “misting” and “spritzing” habit, where have you been? In recent years we’ve become well and truly spritz-addicted and we don’t care who knows it.

Whatever your skin type or whether you’re looking to brighten dull skin, calm irritated skin, or even boost your mood, we’ve selected our favourite face mists to refresh your skin.

Whatever your spray claims in terms of its own benefits, the one thing all mists and sprays have in common is that they are designed to up your skin’ hydration which we pretty much all need regardless of skin type. Who doesn’t want to feel hydrated, and illuminated and experience a dash of soothing cool on their face and all without disturbing your make-up or skincare?

Here are 8 mists we’re happy to recommend to you:

  • Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

Just like everything in the Eight Hour range, this Elizabeth Arden ultra fine Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Spray is simply brilliant. A super-fine spray, packed with ingredients such as acai and energizing caffeine, this boosts and brightens skin quickly. Lots of love for this one!

800Derma / AED 84

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Face Mist

The Barbara Sturm face mist is as its name suggested packed with Hyaluronic acid, but that’s just part of its goodness. It also has purslane to minimize fine lines and aloe vera to soothe any redness and irritation. Fragrance-free and with a very fine mist, we love this one night and day. / AED 374

  • Mario Badescu Skin Care Facial Spray

On the budget-friendly end of the scale are the Mario Badescu sprays, with a number of blends to choose from whatever your preference or mood (we have them all on our desk, as why not!). The mists are all delicate and very hydrating and work as a great pick-me-up throughout the day and on a flight. The Aloe, Chamomile and Lavender is one of our favourites. / AED 27

  • Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water

Another budget-friendly classic comes from Eau Thermale Avène who fill their spray cans with thermal spring water from Avène in France. The water is naturally mineral rich and this one is perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive. / AED 42 (various sizes available

  • Sisley Paris Floral Spray Mist

One of the most fragranced sprays in our selection comes from Sisley. Instantly soothing and relaxing, this accompanies us on lots of flights and on hot summer days too. / AED 350

  • Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Soft and silky smooth is the best way to describe this celebrity favourite (yes, even Kim K loves it). This super fine mist contains super hydrating Squalene, anti-inflammatory green tea leaf extract and silk extract itself. / AED 100

  • Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol 50ml

If you want a spritz that smells like a spa, then this is it and it’s also a great price. Perfect for super dehydrated and dry skin, this refreshing mist uplifts and hydrates. / AED 77 AED

  • Supergoop Defense Refresh (Re)setting Mist SPF 40

Can Supergoop do any wrong right now? No, our love affair continues! And what better than hydrated skin, but protected and hydrated skin is what you get with this spray which is packed with SPF 40 and lots more. Yes, it kept us happy at rosemary and peppermint! / AED 137


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