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Back to Work Stylishly and Sustainably!

back to work sustainably

Summer will soon be officially over and it's time to start thinking about your return to the office. I know, it's hard to believe the beach isn't calling your name anymore.

After spending all summer lounging around in nothing but shorts and tank tops, it is time to get back to business. So, get ready to invest in some key pieces that will last year after year.

Are you ready?

If you're like me, you might be feeling a bit of anxiety at the thought of going back to work. As someone who's worked in corporate for years, I know that getting ready every morning is tedious enough—let alone trying to find time for a proper wardrobe makeover when there's so much else on your plate! But if there's any new season worth spending some money on (and there are few), it's this one.

To get ahead of the game, here are key ideas that will help make your Monday morning feel less like Monday:

  • Check what you have first and if you feel you need to refresh your wardrobe or maybe you put on a few kilos after all the paellas and sangrias, then it might be time to get a few new items. Go for suits, or power dresses that will make you look and feel successful and on top of your game.

  • Invest in a bag that can hold all your important belongings—from your laptop, pens, and pads to lunchbox snacks or even an umbrella (just in case). Whatever it takes! You'll thank yourself later.

  • Get rid of anything that doesn't fit anymore; whether "too big" or "too small. The best is to donate to Thrift for Good.

  • Try out different makeup techniques before heading back into office life again. It may seem silly now, but these little things matter. It is a feel pretty - feel good - kind of a thing!

Work on your mindset... Holiday mode off!

Holiday mode is over! It's time to get back to work. You can't stay in holiday mode forever. Although we all wish for it, right?

You need to get back to work and your routine. To make the transition easier on yourself, try these tips:

  • Wake up early again. Set an alarm so that you're not tempted by endless hours of holiday snoozing.

  • Stay consistent with your schedule.

  • Start working out again—or even just walking or stretching every morning before work will help keep your body happy.

  • Be sure to eat breakfast every day (even if it's just a few bites of fruit). A healthy breakfast sets up a healthy day.

  • Don't skip meals or snacks—if anything, eat slightly larger portions than normal during this adjustment period because our bodies are still recovering from all that holiday indulgence.

First things first, as summer is over, it's time to invest in some classic suits and dresses.

The first thing you should do is learn how to dress for your body type. You'll want to invest in a classic suit, dress, blazer, heels (flats are also great), laptop case, and handbag. The sunglasses and jewelry are optional but they complement very well the general look.

A sassy suit is a must for any working wardrobe.

A sassy suit, like this one from 1People, is a must for any working wardrobe. It's the perfect business-casual look and versatile enough to be worn in many different situations.

Check this amazing blazer with the matching pants- short or long. Made out of linen in blue, black, and white, linen is one of the most sustainable fibers out there.

Such a cool suit can be worn to work or on special occasions—and it's an investment piece that will last long after your next promotion.

Dresses are another key item for the office.

Dresses are another key item for the office. They're stylish, versatile, and flattering—you can wear them to work and later transition them as an outfit for a romantic date night. It all depends on how you accessorize them.

Dresses come in all different styles and lengths so again we need to check your body type and lifestyle to get the right one for you. A dress can be accessorized with jewelry such as earrings and necklaces, scarves, belts, or more. Always remember to be aligned to the dress code part of the business culture. Some companies are more relaxed while others are more corporate.

Need some inspiration? Check these options.

Black Pleated Dress in linen. Also available in mustard.

If you like floral prints, check this beautiful and versatile dress. You can add a blazer like the Celandine if you are looking for a matchy-matchy effect.

Don't forget about your accessories.

What accessories? You might be wondering...

A good bag is a must for your new work wardrobe.

This bag is made from recycled microfiber. It is stylish, strong and can hold everything. Great for the office and for moms out there.

If you need to take the computer with you, you might need a sturdy laptop case or even a backpack.

This one is the coolest you are going to find, and it is eco-friendly and vegan.

Don't forget about your shoes. Whether heels or a spare pair of flats.

A scarf, belt, some jewelry or even hair accessories... all are part of the general look. Make sure you are dressed for success!

Have a good-looking knitted jacket that you can leave at your desk and use in case of need. If the guys in accounts prefer their AC at 'Antarctica' levels, make sure you don't catch a cold.

Outside might be 40C but in the office, it gets chilly!

Go back to work with some amazing pieces of clothing.

This is a great time to invest in some classic pieces that will last. It's best to get something good instead of buying a cheaper one and having to replace it too soon.

Get yourself something you can wear every day and that makes you feel good about yourself when you wear it. It’s about feeling confident enough so that others will be able to see that too. And you can do it while respecting Mother Earth. I call it 'Sustainable Style'

Hopefully, these tips help you to feel more confident going back to work. Remember: the most important thing is to be yourself and have fun!


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