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Art, Music and Immersive Meditation and Fitness this Ramadan at Theatre of Digital Art, Souk Madinat

When better than the Holy Month of Ramadan to enjoy soothing, calm rituals and activities for the whole family. ToDA (Theatre of Digital Art) at Souk Madinat, Jumeirah, is bringing us calming music, yoga & breathing exercises or an opportunity to indulge in light creative activities.

The Little Artist Workshop

Giving a child an imaginative outlet can help relieve stress and help them express themselves more. And what better way is there than to let your kids indulge in a fun thematic art masterclass at ToDA. Will your young creative thinker become the next Monet? Or, maybe, the next Chagall? Let your child try it all!

ToDA presents the most engaging art history lessons with ‘The Little Artist’ educational workshop series that will introduce students to different art movements each week. During the classes, children will learn about the painting techniques and tricks of the trade of the most influential artists of the 20th century to finally create a masterpiece of their own. All art materials will be provided, along with the tactful guidance of an instructor. Upon the completion of 8 masterclasses, all students will receive a certificate.

Location: ToDA, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Price: AED 200

4 Masterclasses April 16 - May 7 (10%, total for 4 lessons - 720AED)

8 Masterclasses (20%, total for 8 lessons - 1280 AED)

Timing: 2:30pm - 4:00pm

Date & themes:

April 16th, 2022: Van Gogh

April 23, 2022: Monet

April 30, 2022: Kandinsky

May 7, 2022: Chagall

May 14, 2022: Miro

May 21, 2022: Klimt

May 28, 2022: Picasso

June 4, 2022: Paul Klee

To book your tickets please visit :

Oud Music Nights

Known for its ability to calm minds and revive human souls and spirits, ToDA brings an event of relaxation and tranquility with Oud Music, for a peaceful evening of traditional music to connect with the heritage and fill your heart with harmony and peace.

Location: ToDA, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Price: Adult regular – 150 AED, Balcony Ticket – 175 AED, Premium Ticket – 200 AED

Dates: 16th April 2022 onwards every Saturday, 9:30pm to 11pm

To book your ticket please visit :

Immersive Meditation

Multisensory Session with Linda Chambers

Take an immersive journey into yourself at theMultisensory Meditation Session. Together with Linda Chambers, a wellbeing guru, get a twist on traditional meditation by combining it with modern technology - lights and sounds to guide you through some mindful inner reflection. Deep dive into sound healing, which is an ancient healing technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body into a state of vibrational balance and harmony.

Explore another perspective of mindfulness to achieve total relaxation, calm and mental bliss.

Location: ToDA, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Price: 150 AED, Balcony Ticket – 175 AED, Premium Ticket – 200 AED

Date: 17th April 2022, 4 PM onwards

To book your tickets please visit: or call +971 4 277 4044

Yoga Flow

Immersive Fitness Class

Start your day with a mind free from all the disturbances around, connecting the body & soul into a meditative yoga session. A perfect calming-yet-invigorating mind-body workout to get you ready for the day ahead. This session offers a stunning 360-degrees visual projection and alluring music to get everyone into the relaxation zone.

Note: Guests are recommended to bring their yoga mats. Single-use water bottles will be provided to each participant.

Location: ToDA, Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Price: AED 150 – Adult Regular

Timing: Saturday 16th April 2022, 10am onwards to 11:30 am & Sunday 24th April 2022, 10 am to 11:30am

To book your ticket, please visit call +971 4 277 4044


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