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Celebrate World Bath Bomb Day

lush bath bomb

On April 27th, Lush will be offering customers the chance to make their own bath bombs to celebrate World Bath Bomb Day. During the event, UAE customers can visit any Lush store and make their own bath bomb for free while supplies last. Let yourself be transported into a world of steaming colour and fragrance and indulge in self-care at its best.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer from Lush and grab your free bath bomb at any LUSH store in the UAE between 7 PM and 9 PM on April 27th.

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26 giu

Hi! Just wanted to drop a quick reply on your article. I must say, I've tried quite a few companies before, but I keep coming back to these bath bombs ! Their products really stand out to me, and they never fail to elevate my bathing experience. Thanks for sharing the joy of bath bombs!

Mi piace
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